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Life's Fortune Full Spectrum Multivitamin & Minerals Has Won the 2010 "Best of Supplements" Award given by Better Nutrition Magazine, the leading supplement magazine in the USA!
Life's Fortune multivitamins...feel the ENERGY difference fast... supplying whole food concentrates.

This prestigious award recognizes Life's Fortune multivitamin as an outstanding supplement in the multivitamin category. Better Nutrition magazine selects its winners based upon extensive input from experts in the industry, including naturopaths, Medical Doctors, and supplement industry experts. As stated in magazine, fans of this whole food- based multivitamin swear it provides more energy and vitality than any other multi. The truly comprehensive formula is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, and superfoods such as spirulina.

Let Others Assure You!

Mimi Bullock/Associated Content (Click here to read entire article online)

I visited the Health Hut here in Mobile recently and was given quite a treat in my bag. The cashier gave me a sample of Life's Fortune to take for the next two days. On day three I was back at the Health Hut purchasing my own bottle. Check out what I have learned about these vitamins. Here is my product review of Life's Fortune Multi-Vitamin and Minerals.

First, let me say yippee! Finally a multi-vitamin that works! I've tried vitamins before. Even some really popular brands but I never felt a benefit as quickly as I did with this one. I did a little digging and I found out why Life's Fortune has become one of America's favorite vitamin choices. Mine as well!

This multi-vitamin only takes twenty eight minutes to release in your system. Unlike some vitamins I have taken that takes days and weeks to feel the effects, with Life's Fortune effects are felt almost immediately. So much so that I lower my dosage from 2 to 3 tablets a day. I skip the night time vitamin because it just gave me too much energy. Life's Fortune is an all natural food supplement. It provides organic and natural vitamins as well as minerals and antioxidants.

Life's Fortune Multi-Vitamin and Minerals supplies fuel to spark your body to it's top mental and physical productivity. It disintegrates quickly and is carried throughout your body to go to work immediately.

For antioxidants it contains Vitamin A, Fish Liver Oil, Vitamins C, E and Selenium. For vitamins it contains, D, B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, Biotin and Folic Acid. It's mineral content includes but is not limited to, Calcium, Chromium, Magnesium and Copper. It also contains Soy Proteins and Enzymes like Cellulose and Bromelain. Life's Fortune also contains Green Tea, Ginseng, and Echinacea.

...My joints feel better. I have new energy and I also find my mood to be better as well.


The Health Hut / Betty Freeman / Mobile, AL

"In November '98 the staff finally conceded to sampling a little pack of 3 little green pills in a clear package. Only two of us took them first, but when everyone observed the energy and excitement in us, they immediately wanted to try these energy pills for themselves. It reminded me of the "manna" in the wilderness. Everyone began asking, 'What is it?' We all agreed that we'd been taking vitamins for a long time but had never experienced that kind of energy form any of them. True selling comes from the experiencing of a product you believe in. We were excited because we knew that the product  we were offering would put our customers on the road to health and energy, so that excited us more than anything. We just simply gave out samples, a tape and written material, then waved and said, 'See you in 3 days.' Most people couldn't wait to try them and sure enough, in an average of 3 days they would be back in our door grinning while saying, 'Where are these green pills you gave me? I want more!' So, as always, your product sells itself. It also increases customer confidence in our judgment because they understand that we want the best for them.

 I also, however, want to give credit where the credit is due. God's principles work regardless and it's evident that Life's Fortune ® believes in, 'Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down, shaken together and over flowing, it shall be given back to you.' David, you and your staff are givers, above and beyond the norm. You have pure hearts and do not operate out of greed. Because of that, you're a blessed company with which we are proud to be associated!"

Gene's Health Foods / Steve Clark / Owensboro, KY

"When Life's Fortune ® was first introduced to me, I was skeptical to the fact that I was told how much the product and the FREE educational marketing tools would increase our vitamin sales! After all, our health food store has been opened for 18 years. We thought we had just about seen the best of everything. Our vitamin sales have increased tremendously!  Life's Fortune ® seems to be so well balanced that everyone that uses it gets FAST results! There is absolutely no question about it, Life's Fortune ® is a great product! It is the easiest product to sale in our store and BOTTOM LINE, "Smart Buy" generates HUGE Profits for our business! We are now carrying the other high quality fast moving products: Metabolight, Fat Zapper, Glucosamax, Super Diet, Milk Thistle, St. John's Wart, Golden Seal, Fiber Caps, and Super Body Energy, etc. "Smart Buy" generates thousands upon thousands of dollars of extra revenue for us. ' Thanks Life's Fortune ® for making such a difference!'


The Well, LLC / Linda Burger

Hi, Life's Fortune staff-- For some reason, today I was motivated to pull a sales report comparing our sales of your vitamins during the months of September, last year and this year. [What a coincidence to see in our records that we placed our first order two years ago on October 14th-- an anniversary almost to the exact day.]     What I found is that our sales were $427.00 in September of '06 and $1642.00 in September of this year [we're a small store in a small town, but this growth is dramatic nonetheless]. We feel that it's significant that the sales have essentially QUADRUPLED in one year's time.     The only reason this has happened is that we are able to let shoppers try out these great vitamins to see for themselves just how effective they are. That experience is worth more than thousands of words, which they would see as just "hype"-- for no one would believe, without actually trying them, that a difference in energy can be felt within TWO days of beginning them!     Because Life's Fortune has the business moxie to give away samples -  the best and most effective promotion you could possibly use - your vitamin outsells our prior best seller ["Life Force", by Source Naturals- an excellent product as well] by at least two to one now .     We at The Well want to express what a pleasure it is to do business with the Life's Fortune company. It's not often business ethics such as yours are found-- we especially respect your support of your retailers by not underselling them direct to consumers!     By the way, we are getting orders on our website from distant states, and we know this is the result of having given visitors to our area those samples.     Thank you again, Linda Burger, Owner, The Well, LLC


Herbs & Things / Pensacola, FL

Hello, I used to work with the owner of Herbs & Things in Pensacola, FL and I am familiar with your products from there. I have recently moved to the west coast , and am looking into opening my own herb and supplement business here.
I am interested in such information as minimum order, shipping charges, policies,and wholesale pricing (I think I remember the pricing, if it hasn't changed recently, but I can't recall the other details).
If I remember correctly, your products must be ordered directly and are not offered through any distributors? (At least none that I am familiar with?) I am well acquainted with the quality of your vitamin supplements (great product, by the way -- the only one I've experienced to actually LIVE UP to the claims of making a difference among the MANY I have tried in my years in the industry) and would be very interested to offer them. Incidentally, I have also looked in the local stores I have visited, and none seem to carry them. Can you tell me if there are any which do within 30 miles or so of Yucaipa, CA (zip 92339) or Redlands, CA (zip 92374)? Thank you very much for any information.

Tammy Samson

Hi I am interested in buying your product for resale. I already have my MO Tax Retail sales tax number and looking at opening my store soon.  I have used your product and believe it stands out as one of the best I have used along with a couple other companies.  I can only sell what I believe in.   Thanks for your response I look forward to hearing from you. 


Rhonda Lee, Charleston, SC, (Nurse) "When I was told that Life's Fortune ® would greatly increase my energy level,  I was doubtful because doesn't every multi-vitamin & mineral product promise the same results? But, since Life's Fortune ® is guaranteed to make me feel the difference, I decided to give it a try. After 3 days of using it, my husband asked me where I was getting so much energy. Then it dawned on me that I really was 'feeling the difference'. It really takes a lot to impress me, especially when it comes to marketing slogans, but Life's Fortune ® truly is a REMARKABLE PRODUCT!  I recommend that everyone tries Life's Fortune ®   so they can experience the difference that I've found!" 

Andrew & Betty Looney, Milton, TN "Our whole family takes Life's Fortune ® . Having that extra energy has been wonderful and a life saver"

Pauline Maxwell of Arlington, TN "At age 45 my son was told that he was totally disabled and could not go back to work because of some medical problems. This caused him to into a state of depression and he was tired all the time. He wanted to try some ginseng to see if it would help. The gentleman at the health store told me about Life's Fortune ® and thought I should give it a try. After the very first bottle, my sons attitude changed dramatically and he is not depressed anymore. Now he is enjoying his yard work and raising canary's again. These are the things he loves to do most. If we had not discovered Life's Fortune ® , he would still be depressed. THANKS FOR Life's Fortune ® ! I'm going to try it myself."

Judith Hennemann, Tarpon Springs, FL "I taken life's fortune vitamins for the last 15 years while working as a nurse approx. 72-80 hours a week.  i have moved to tarpon springs, fl. this last may and i have not been able to find a store that sells your vitamins.  i would appreciate if you could locate a shop close to me or if i have to order from your company that is find i still working  approx. 60 hours a week at 63.  the vitamins keep healthy and with engery as well.  i have quite a few nurses that i have introduced to this vitamin and that is what keeps them going as well.  thank you for assistance in this matter."

Mrs. Harrington, Charleston, SC "Hello, I have been taking this vitamin for a long time and love it.  I've been purchasing it from Raspberry's health food store and they recently closed their doors.  Could you help me find another location this item is sold. My zip code is 29407 Thank you"

Vicky McLean, Jacksonville, FL "I just sampled your vitamins and have found these are the best vitamins I have ever taken, however when I went to purchase them no one ever heard of them. It was a health food store in Jacksonville Florida. If you could tell me where I could purchase these vitamins I'd be very grateful, thank-you."


For the "Smart Buy" secret, please call 1-800-714-2322 or Send Email to: marketinginfo@lifesfortunevitamins.com